11 Great Cities for a Runcation

The order of this list may be up for debate, but these are all fantastic cities for sightseeing AND running. 1. New York City, USA Central Park. What more can be said about this famous park in the center of Manhattan? Make sure to find the bridle path for soft surface running, and get a couple of laps around the reservoir for the best views of the city skyline. One time I went running after a heavy rain storm, and it [...]

Women get real about what it’s (actually) like to run pregnant

You’ve probably heard that pregnant women are supposed to exercise. You may even know that pregnant women are supposed to be getting more exercise than we previously thought. In fact, The Journal of the American Medical Association says pregnant women are supposed to be exercising quite a lot— 20 to 30 minutes almost every day. (Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a lot!) Those guidelines are the same as for people who aren’t pregnant, by the [...]

5 tips for running in the (extreme) cold

Air is your friend.  When it gets really cold, I’m talking below 15F (-7C), wear a baggy outer layer.  Sweat pants, or loose running pants are your friend, as the air between your layers creates a great insulation barrier.  Tights or tight fitting clothing often allow the cold to cut through to your skin. It’s all about the gloves and hat. Focus on finding the right gloves and hat to guarantee your extremities stay warm (don’t be bashful, get the [...]

Get started running with this simple 14-day plan

Do you want to give running a go, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you worried you might get sore knees or shins?  The key is being patient, and taking gradual steps that slowly increase the amount of stress to your body. With this basic guide for beginning runners, you’ll be running a mile without stopping in two weeks. (By the way, we think training for “just one mile” is one of the healthiest ways to train!) [...]