Expert Advice

5 tips for running in the (extreme) cold

Air is your friend.  When it gets really cold, I’m talking below 15F (-7C), wear a baggy outer layer.  Sweat pants, or loose running pants are your friend, as the air between your layers creates a great insulation barrier.  Tights or tight fitting clothing often allow the cold to cut through to your skin. It’s all about the gloves and hat. Focus on finding the right gloves and hat to guarantee your extremities stay warm (don’t be bashful, get the [...]

Get faster with REAL speed work, not just interval training

Interval training is not speed work. So often people refer to interval training as speed work, but by in large, it’s not speed, it’s pace training. If you’re training for a 5k, or even a mile, those repeat four-hundreds are just getting your body accustomed to race pace. True speed training for distance runners should mean working on sprint speed, utilizing distances shorter than two hundred meters (with a full recovery between), so you can fully tap into your fast twitch [...]

Injured? Try pool running. This pro-runner swears by it

How do you maintain your hard-earned fitness when you notice an injury looming?  Many try to run through the pain, but that can be risky. Instead, look for cross-training alternatives that help you hang on to your fitness, while also easing the load on your legs. While battling chronic shin splints in March, April, and May, I found myself heading to the University of Michigan swimming pool every day to aqua jog (also known as pool running—and no, not how [...]

Nutritionist (and pro runner) gives 6 tips on how runners should eat on race day

Are you struggling to find the right eating routine before a race? Do you end up with stomach cramps or (heaven forbid) bowel issues on race day?  If you’re not running a marathon, the good thing is you don’t have to worry about fueling during the race, but attention still needs to be paid to race-day food intake, since the faster pace of a shorter race can lead to more stress for our GI tracts to handle. Here are [...]

5 tips for your 5k (or shorter) race preparation

1. A good warm-up Most runners don’t get themselves warmed up enough before a race, especially for distances 5k or less. Wear an extra layer of clothing until as close to the race start as possible. Jog lightly for 10-15 minutes, do some high knee and butt kick drills, some dynamic stretching, and 3-5 run throughs (strides) of 70 to 100 meters at goal race pace. You want to time it right so that you have about 3-4 minutes of [...]